One of the better writing services, may be a good choice for you. The essays look good, but there are a couple of errors.

  • Pricing 3.0
  • Support 3.5
  • Quality 4.0
  • Delivery 3.1
  • Usability 3.0

This review of essay writing services is for This website is a tool used by students around the world who need assistance with writing projects. Many of even the most brilliant students struggle with writing and formatting papers. This company provides examples and editing services to keep these scholars performing well. These days, no one in school has to struggle any longer. But we’ll discuss the truth about this particular service and how it compares to others that provide similar products. We spent time ordering from this site, so we have the scoop on just how this company works.

Quality Control

Writing services checking includes us thoroughly inspecting this service and all the ways it is helpful to students. We started by looking at some of the essay examples provided on the first page of It’s a good way for students to get an idea of how an essay is structured and how many pages it entails. There certainly was a wealth of topics available. There is also a feature called the thesis statement generator that can help with coming up with a main point.

Pricing and Discounts

Acceptable prices play a big role in thesis writing service reviews. It’s too bad we couldn’t get an idea of the prices at first glance of this company. Unlike other writing businesses, the costs of the services were not displayed. We do not know how much they cost. The setup of the homepage is enough to draw many customers in, but we need to know if this is all worth our while. We trust that the prices are reasonable for students on a budget. The company just needs to make the costs more visible.

Payment Steps and Payment Procedure

Visitors to this website are encouraged to log in or sign up. It is then that they will gain access to the services that are offered here. From that point, users can discover how and when to pay for their needs. The online essay database and editing services are enough to entice students. Later on, the student will learn of the exact payment methods.


This argumentative essay service review cannot go on without the mention of delivery. For our experiment we had a 5 page essay edited to improve grammar structure and content. The paper was delivered to us in a timely manner and came back to us better than before. This was impressive as we know the timely service delivery will be useful to many actual students.


Overall, it was a standard experience getting support at The contact page lists an email address to reach them. While the editors can be reached at any time, the support team is said to return messages within 24 hours. The support section is very minimal compared to other sites out there. But sometimes simple is better. We found the support to be quite slow and they definitely could have been more friendly towards their customers.

Overall Summary


We really appreciate that this service is formulated to help students improve their writing instead of just writing essays for them. It will ultimately strengthen the writing skills of students while giving them a hand at accomplishing their goals. The website had a lot of the resources on the home page for potential clients to utilize.


We have to be honest in our review of This website was not thorough enough in displaying the costs, discounts, and payment methods, which are a main point of consideration for potential customers. The support was quite unfriendly also. Other than that, we feel that there is nothing too remarkable about this company.

This is a pretty decent service. But it has room for much improvement, so use them if there are no better options available.

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