How To Improve Essay Writing Skills in English

If your English is good, writing essays will be much easier for you. The only thing you may need to bother about would be time and the opportunity to write.

Among the essay writing skills, having a great written English communication skill is the highest. Without it, your essay would not be captivating neither will it be fluent.

However, if you are worried about your papers not being fluent due to poor written English communication skills, there are ways you can improve it. So whether you are a native speaker or not, these tips will give you the ability to create the best essays consistently.

  1. Avoid Passive voices
  2. In the quest to improve your writing skills, one thing you must avoid is including passive voices when you write essays. Nothing destroys the flow of your paper better than using passive voices.

    Students who want to improve their essay writing and make their paper readable should always use active voices. In active voice, the subject of the sentence is in charge. It performs the action and not the other way round.


    Examples of active and passive voices;

    • John tossed the ball (active voice)
    • The ball was tossed by John (passive voice)
  3. Learn, process and store new words
  4. Learning is a continuing process and something you must take seriously as an essay writer. You can learn new words by reading other people’s work, get interesting novels from authors you trust or that know their onions. Take note of new and interesting words as you read each page.

    Read the new words repeatedly till they become a part and parcel of you. You can write down to revisit later. If you opt for a premium essay writing service, you can learn a lot from the paper written by the professional writer.

  5. 3. Don’t neglect the little mistakes
  6. Even after spending hours doing research and write what you think is the best essay you still can end up with poor grades with a little mistake spotted. You should always read through your work to fish out spelling and grammar errors. No one is perfect though but there are some avoidable mistakes writers make that destroys their work.

    Spending 30 minutes to read what you spent over 5 hours to write is reasonable. You will not only be doing yourself a favour by eliminating errors from your work, your essay will attract good grades.

    Besides reading through your essay to fish out errors, there is software that can help you spot and correct errors. Spell check is one of the software you can use for this purpose.

  7. 4. Learn and Master Spellings
  8. To write or form a sentence that makes sense, each word that forms the sentence must be correctly spelled. Wrong spellings change the meaning of words and sentences.

    It would be difficult for readers to understand what you have written if some words are spelled wrong. For this reason, many students seek the best essay service that can deliver quality paper without errors of this sort.


    • Do not write with words you are not sure of their spellings. You can check words you are not sure of properly before using them.
    • Practice spellings well. You can use flash cards to learn spellings.

    If you are looking for ways to improve your essay writing skills in English, these tips will get you on track. The quality of essays students write will dictate the grade they get at the end of the day. By following the tips listed in this post, students struggling with their papers will know what to do.