About Us

As a group of students who have been through hard times ourselves and needed to rely on external academic assistance from time to time, we wanted to set up a site where everyone could come and share their experiences of different essay writing services. We figured that by crowdsourcing all the best essay writing services reviews we’d be able to help anyone who ever finds themselves in a situation where they need a helping hand but don’t know where to turn. Our idea is that by everyone taking a few minutes to talk about their experiences we’ll have a great guidebook that anyone can follow and trust when checking out different sites.

We can all help each other to find the best essay writers

These days nearly every student uses academic assistance for one reason or another. It might be because they lack the time to do an assignment or an emergency came up or they simply don’t want to write something for that subject. Whatever the motive there are, fortunately, a growing number of essay writing companies out there who offer to write papers, essays, theses or pretty much whatever you want. It’s fantastic to have the choice but, like anything out there in the big bad online world, the problem is finding people you can really trust.

Getting the work you need can be a minefield

Questions are understandably running through anyone’s head the first time they use an online essay writing service:

  • Which companies use native English speaking writers and which ones don’t seem to care?
  • What about hidden charges and fees that suddenly appear on your credit card after the fact?
  • Can you contact the company directly and where are they based?
  • Has anyone else actually got papers from the company and what were they like?
  • What happens if your directions aren’t followed?

That’s why we set up this essay services review site so everyone will be able to see what sites deliver the best results and who can deal best with crises if they arise. Nobody wants to see students taken advantage of or ending up with poor results because they got stuck with a terrible writing agency.

We feel that by increasing transparency across the board and revealing real experiences that other students have had with different companies, we can help students in need to make better decisions and hopefully get the results they are paying for.
We gather all essay writing services reviews in one place so that with a few clicks you’ll easily be able to identify the pros and cons of the site you were going to use. Not every site is perfect but if you know what you are getting into you will have a better idea of what to look out for and how to avoid the mistakes made by others.

As students who have been through the process of using essay writing services, we owe it to each other to try and help others out. We all know how stressful a time it can be when one has to submit essays and deadline day is coming up and we reach out for help. Things are bad enough as they are without also having to worry about some anonymous agency ripping us off and leaving us in a worse situation than we already were.

It’s been a pleasure for all of us at ProEssayReviews.com to see how much the site has grown and to get feedback from other students who have used our simple site to make a decision that has worked out for them. We can only report on the services we have used and can’t vouch for companies personally, but in a world where information is king we hope that our collection of reviews can make a difference.