4/5 is not the best service you'll ever use, but it has a few very good qualities. You'll be able to communicate with the writer throughout the process. The quality of writing is excellent too. However, don't expect detailed in depth essays from their writers.

  • Pricing 4.5
  • Support 3.8
  • Quality 3.8
  • Delivery 4.5
  • Usability 4.0

Not The Best Among The Writing Companies Out There

Having heard great custom writing reviews about the company, I was hoping for a top-quality university paper from Unfortunately, the essay was sub-par in many ways — after all the good things I had heard, I was expecting the very best. However, I must admit, there were also several aspects of the service I did appreciate and that exceeded my experience with other essay writing sites.

Poor-Quality Custom Essay Service

Although the quality of writing was excellent, the problem was the writer did not express the points as I would have liked. It seemed as if the writer lacked understanding of the topic. I knew it would be difficult to find an essay creator who could write with authority, as the subject matter was quite technical, but I was expecting better things from The writer really only scratched the surface, offering a good framework with the basic points, but I did require much more detail to receive a passing grade. This meant I had to make my own improvements to the essay before submitting it.

Communication with the Writer

By far the best aspect of the service, and something I have never commended in my essay sites reviews before, was the communication I had with the writer. I was able to send him direct messages whenever I wanted through the order page, and he sent me questions whenever he had doubts. This meant I was not waiting until the end of the process to see my essay — which, in my experience, can often reveal errors that are too late to resolve. Plus, he was happy to make a few edits I asked for without complaint and at no extra cost.

Other Positives

Contact with my essay writer was the shining example that helped stand out as a top service, but there were also a few other features that helped make the service better than other essay writing companies:

  • The custom essay services really are customized. does not have a batch of papers ready to send to new customers. They clearly wrote the essay from scratch and to my specifications.
  • The service is inexpensive and, moreover, fairly priced. I paid per page according to my academic level (college senior). I also had the chance to choose my deadline, which impacted the rate. Had I known this applied beforehand, I would have requested the service in advance to save more money. Plus, my writer would have had more time to complete the paper and may have done a better job of it.
  • Payment is secure. It is always a worry when hiring through companies online that the service is legitimate. Even if I’m able to read reviews before I pay, I am always a little wary. I immediately felt safe with, as the company does not even ask for credit card information. I paid through PayPal, but there are also a couple other payment options available, both equally trustworthy.
  • You can choose from various formatting options. I liked that there was no need for me to format the essay once I had received it. My paper came with sources and reference lists formatted to APA style, but I was also offered the chance to have it formatted to another style.
  • The writer met my deadline. To date, I have only requested one essay through, so I cannot speak for the writers’ punctuality as a rule, but I will say that my order arrived in plenty of time. I asked for the paper a day earlier than I needed it (which proved helpful, as I did need to make my own changes and additions), but I needn’t have worried about it arriving late — the writer sent it to me half a day before the date I requested.

My Recommendation — with a Word of Warning

I have written reviews of essay services before and must admit that this is one of my positive reviews. I am very particular when it comes to my university papers and will be the first to admit it is not easy for essay writers to meet my high standards. That being said, did fall short when they promised me an expert writer. True, the quality of writing was superb, but I would have preferred a lower-quality essay that delved into the subject in greater depth. All-in-all, I would recommend the service to others but would caution that it is probably best for those looking for essays not on such specialized subjects. I would consider using the service again, but I would definitely ask to be assigned a different writer.

Thomas, UK.

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