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  • Pricing 3.5
  • Support 2.5
  • Quality 3.0
  • Delivery 2.8
  • Usability 3.6

A Good But Probably Not The Best Essay Service

I am not really happy with the essay I received from Ultius.com. It was not bad, but there were several issues I need to mention here. First, my paper was late. Second, I was expecting some super quality for what they charged for it and I did not get it. As far as the writing goes, they are okay, but I was not that impressed. They say on their site that they can meet any deadline, so I thought that they could write my essay, 7 pages, in 4 days but they were late. And I didn’t get my plagiarism report. It wasn’t plagiarized but I would have liked to have been comforted that it was not plagiarized. However, it did have a lot of paraphrases, and that’s a problem which I’ll discuss later.

The quality of essay writing at ultius.com

It was definitely not the best piece I have ever written or had written for me. They said they had a writer that could work fast but I guess that wasn’t completely true. I read many online essay websites reviews before I chose Ultius, because I wanted only the best people working on my paper. After reading some 200 reviews to make sure they were authentic compared to some of these other sites with obviously paid reviews, I chose Ultius. I also read many essay writer reviews, but what I wish I would have done was to look for a fast service. So I did all the research I could, and these people came highly recommended, so I don’t know what went wrong. The paper was okay in quality, but it was not that impressive.

Another thing I did not like is that I could not communicate with my writer. I needed to contact them and tell them my teacher had lengthened the word count, as she had, but they would not allow me to contact him or her via email or phone call. They said this was against company policy. I guess that’s something people on essay writing services review sites say is the case with most companies, but anyway. So I ended up being struck down two letter grades for not meeting the length requirement and being late. I asked them to send my writer a message for me and they said that they would. So, I expected to get a full length essay of 7 pages, not five. But when I emailed it to her, when I finally got my grade some two weeks later, she told me the reason I got a D is because a. it was late and b. it was 4 pages short almost at 250-word single-spaced pages.

Another thing I didn’t like was the topic. I didn’t have my own topic when I asked for my essay and so they said they would come up with something. It was a 7-page persuasive essay, and the one they gave me was on environmental issues, like the rain forests, and I know nada about that.

Things that could be improved

Overall, I think this writing service could do several things to improve the quality of its services to students. One, they should let you communicate with your online essay writer . Even if you can only “chat” with them, this would allow us to tell them much needed paper assignment changes or mistakes we might have made when reading it so we can tell them exactly what we need, because it takes too long to work through all the red tape to finally get an email back from the service telling you they will deliver the message.

Two, they should not make guarantees they cannot fulfill. If they cannot meet each and every deadline, why guarantee this?

Also, they should put more quotes in research papers not paraphrases. Paraphrases to these plagiarism checkers show up as plagiarized passages, not quotes! They don’t recognize that you’re rewording it because they match the order and similarity of the words. So paraphrase does not work. It gets students in trouble. My teacher said until she investigated further, she thought 72% of my paper was plagiarized and that is too much paraphrasing anyway.

Look for a service that can use your voice

One thing to keep in mind. For some reason, my teacher didn’t think I wrote my essay. She even asked me if I bought it online. So you either need to find a company that can somehow adjust to your style or really review your essay and not just hand it in without reading it closely and making some crib notes. Teachers are getting to know these essay writing companies. Reviews, feedback, website descriptions—they must be reading all this stuff to get to know exactly what kind of services these people are providing. So get to know your paper until it feels like you wrote it or hire a service that can make it sound like you did.

Audrie, LA.

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