2/5 is not one of the best academic writing companies. The decent quality papers lack interesting ideas and information.

  • Pricing 2.5
  • Support 2.2
  • Quality 1.5
  • Delivery 2.7
  • Usability 3.0

Does Provide Reliable Online Essay Services?

I’ve worked with different custom writing services before, but I began using pretty regularly about a year ago. Since then, I’ve ordered about 15 papers from the company on different subjects. I’m a third-year student earning my B.A in Gender Studies, and I had a really varied course schedule for the year.

My experiences with this company are completely mixed. The first four papers were absolutely wonderful. I had no issues whatsoever. They were accurate, on-target, had no mistakes, and followed all of my rigorous guidelines. That’s why I was so surprised when the fifth paper I ordered was such poor quality.

Top Essay Services Maintain Quality Standards

I would love to describe as one of the best companies out there for academic writing. However, an excellent company delivers the same good results every time a client orders. On that fifth essay, I had to ask for revisions multiple times. I eventually ended up requesting a new writer. The company informed me that the writer I’d had so many problems with had been let go, and I honestly thought that was a good move on their part.

So, I ordered again. The next three papers were great. I really have to say, when they get it right – they get it right. That’s why I decided to write a lengthy review for their writing services. Reviews can make or break a business and, for the most part, rushessay provides a solid service. I’ve ordered papers on philosophy, literature, technical anthropological dissections of gender bias in the world of small business, and even a lab report for my marine bio course. Usually, I get something that checks off everything on my list while maintaining a high standard for accuracy. About every fourth or fifth time I order, I get something awful.

You Have to Be Careful with Unreliable Quality

That’s the worst part of it being hit or miss. It may be mostly hit, but I have to make sure I order my papers early just in case it’s one of those few times when it’s a miss. I feel like you wouldn’t get this from top essay writing services. Reviews for rushessay around the web have been mixed. Some rave and some rant. I’m not sure which to do with this company. They wrote a paper for my “Methods of a Reasoned Argument” class that got some awesome feedback from my professor. So, it’s worth it when it’s good—but you don’t want it to be a miss if your paper is due in a few days.

So is It Worth It in the End?

Okay, to make it simple I’ll list what’s always good about working with these guys:

  • Good customer service, very helpful
  • Easy to pay
  • Bill is easy to understand
  • Very fast essay writing, reviews about quality aside
  • Most writers are good
  • They will work with you if it is not up to quality, and they try to do so quickly
  • They cover a lot of different topics and assignments

Basically, they do provide a good service. It’s on par with other sites on the market, and I keep using them because their essays are usually a cut above the rest when they’re good. I’ve never gotten a bad grade when I work with this company, but that’s because I’ve always had the wiggle room to request changes and work with the writer until the essay was good enough. They really care about making sure you’re happy with the final result, so don’t be afraid to voice concerns if you have them.

The Bottom Line is This

It’s worth it if you have the time. In terms of writing services, reviews tend to favor this site for a reason. However, if your deadline is looming, you should consider a more reliable company. They work with a lot of freelancers, so you may have the bad luck to get paired with someone new who may not deliver good results. If you start early, you can work with the writer to correct the problems before you turn it in.

Like I said, I’ve ordered about 15 papers from this company in the last year. Out of all of those, only four of them were not up to par. That’s pretty good. Out of those four, I only had to request a new writer one time. On the other three, I was able to work with the original writer to make all the changes I needed.

I get really good grades and even some compliments on my essays from this company, so it’s definitely worth your time. Don’t take the risk if you have something due soon, however! In that case, you should probably look for other essay writing services, reviews will help you choose one with a quick return rate.

Anthony, CA.

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