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Review of writemypaper4me.orgI needed to use an essay writing service badly. I’m a university undergrad studying aeronautical physics. As you can imagine, there isn’t much literature needed for my eventual profession. Still, my university demanded that I pass some lit classes. I needed to somehow produce the best custom essay writing I could for my professor. This made me panic. Why? Because writing for me is both difficult and demanding. If you’re an aviation and science major you’ll understand just how expensive school can get! I needed to keep a certain GPA in order to keep my few scholarships.

This is my Essay Websites Review

I never thought I’d ever have to write an essay for school again. I mean, one of the benefits of being a science major is that you don’t need to take any English or literature classes, right? Well, I was wrong. Of course I started

  • checking out essay writing sites reviews;
  • asking other students;
  • contacting websites;
  • to find one that best suited me.

I was and still am on a student budget, so my needs were quite strict: I needed someone who could do everything affordably. Well, came up regularly on those essay services reviews sites. The reviews were mostly positive so I decided to check them out. The initial impression was good. The website is well laid out and everything makes sense.

This is a great plus for me because although I use the web a lot, I’ve never done anything like this before. I figured my situation to be quite specific so I contacted their customer service. Someone responded to my inquiry right away, which was a pleasant surprise (normally these things take like 24 hours or something.) After I told them about my situation (science major undergrad looking to just dump his essays onto someone) they showed me how to access the writers’ corner.

“What Were The Writers Like?”

The writers I got into touch with were very polite and professional. I’m from the South so these kinds of polite civilities matter. I told them that I needed someone specifically for my Composition and Rhetoric and American Lit classes. I couldn’t really give them much to work on because I don’t really pay attention to my teacher.

Again, I really am a science guy… I had barely passed English classes in high school. Lucky for me, there was one writer in particular who knew exactly what I needed done and how to do it. He knew that there was a certain writing style that needed special attention to for my Composition and Rhetoric classes. What can I say, he even knew what premises professors tended to have when it came to American literature. I sure was impressed and decided to give him my assignments.

A Few Things I Didn’t Particularly Like

Yes, of course the online essay services reviews mostly had good things to say about, but I was still skeptical. In fact there was something that didn’t quite meet my standards. It had to do with the deadlines’ timeframe. Well, let me first say that I really like how you can pick and choose what you want. One of the things you can choose is how much time you want to give your writer. I felt that the default option was a bit long. I mean, what if I needed an essay done within 24 hours?

Of course you can choose to have a more quickly done paper. The problem is that, being a poor student, I couldn’t really afford that price for my essays (as I have essays due regularly with these teachers.) I guess I wished that I had found best essay sites reviews that had said something about this. Nevertheless, I got my first papers done on time. I had to ask them for two revisions to make it good enough for my professor, but in the end I got the promised grades so everything there was alright. I could finally rest easy about having to write papers.

Still, Not A Bad Choice

All-in-all I’m pleased with the company. Thankfully all those online writing companies’ reviews were able to point this site to me. I’m finishing up my English lit courses and I would not have been able to pass them without the help that I got. Although the perks were out of my budget at times, I was able to get around that and am glad that I did. I know that I’ll have future Arts classes and am happy to know that I can always turn to this company. I also hear that they can handle science-based essays too! If you’re a science major and saved you from a tough spot too then let me know… I’d love to know that I’ve got company!
Rick, TX.

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