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PaperWritten ReviewI have used paper writing services before and I can tell you 90% of them are awful, except I was so tired of receiving horrible, plagiarized, spelling error-ridden papers at super-high prices that broke my bank and weren’t worth a penny. So this time I read every single essay writing services review and essay companies reviews online that I could find. Finally, I found ones that sounded authentic for this essay service. To tell, I always look for a mix of positive and negative reviews that are around 85% positive.

I can finally say I have found a writing service that not only writes error-free, carefully organized essays with a strong thesis statement and no errors, I’ve also found a writing service that just writes a darn good essay on top of that.

That’s how I found one of the best writing services in the world.

My Struggle Trying to Find a Service with Best Essay Quality Papers

I’m getting a degree at an online school where everything is all tests the computer grades and discussion boards, which they just give us A’s for as long as we meet the word count, which I hate, and then English I and II. Why engineering students have to take English one and two is beyond me. And the one teacher who actually really reads and grades my papers (in fact, she sends us highlighted copies with errors in pink highlight) is my English teacher. And I am no writer. Then I finally began making friends with some of the other students on the discussion boards and one guy told me, via a private email, about

He said, “For a relatively unheard of writing service, they wrote me one of the best essays I have ever seen.” He said “just look at some essay writing services reviews.”

When I found the individual essay writer reviews on, I not only knew that I had found my writing service, I had already picked my writer. He said that whatever the type of essay I was assigned, he could make it both interesting and well-written. He mentioned that he had a knack for finding engaging topics to write about and making them “come alive.” And he was not lying. I have never read such a fun paper, but I’m getting ahead of myself.

The Compare and Contrast Paper Adventure

I tried to write this paper by myself first. I really did. My teacher said she wanted a comparison and contrast paper. She used some ideas of your perfect date, making the perfect meal or dessert, the perfect movie to you. Now, I thought I was supposed to compare two things and then contrast them. I didn’t understand you were supposed to choose one or the other. It seems to me that they should call it a “comparison OR contrast paper” not a “comparison and contrast paper”, don’t you? Geez.

How many hours did I waste on that essay. Tons. See, I was trying to write a paper that was impossible to structure or organize because I was trying to do both things instead of choosing one, which would have given it an understandable thesis and a narrow structure, as they later told me. Their writer also told me also that it is often easiest to write a comparison essay and to compare two states of mind—your state of mind before you did, tried, or realized something and then after. So this was not only a good essay service, it was also one that taught me a lot about writing. Next time I have to do a paper like this, I will be prepared. I also learned a lot from just reading the paper they wrote me, but I’m getting ahead of myself.

What They Did for Me in Terms of the Quality

When I got the paper, which was delivered early, by the way, I was blown away by the topic and the way it was written, which was so good it felt like I was reading a really good short story, not an essay. What my writer thought up was this cool little approach that really sounded like a guy wrote it, like me. It was on “What I Thought Laying Laminate Flooring Would Be Like Versus What It Really Was Like.”

This guy must have tried to lay his own laminate before, because this essay was alive and full of humorous anecdotes about how he thought this was going to be easy-peasy and by the time he got the old floor pulled up, he realized his kitchen looked like “World War III.” in short, the thing was beautifully written, with no errors, and fun to read. It was actually the most impressive essay I have ever read.

This is the best essay writing service you’ll ever find. I mean it.

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