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Review of grademiners.comI’ve had the occasion to try out several of the top essay services in a burgeoning field. The reason I’ve hopped around so much is that I’m trying to find the perfect fit. As a university student with a very demanding course load, I can’t settle for anything less than the best. When I heard there was a site emerging that would chronicle my experiences, I figured this was the right time to share the notes I’ve made along the way. Today, I want to tell you about the order I recently placed through

The best online writing service isn’t always the obvious one

That’s a statement I’ll have to take to heart. Let me explain. was the obvious choice, or so it seemed at the start. Some friends of mine who have, like me, sought writing help in the past got together for lunch with me a couple of weeks back and we got to talking about this stuff. Two of them specifically mentioned this website. They said they’d heard it delivers great results and I should give it a whirl. By this point, I should note, my tendency to try multiple companies was well-known. Unfortunately, as you’ll soon see, I didn’t step away completely satisfied. There are some core issues with this company that I hope my examples will illustrate.

There’s no other way to put it: I was treated kind of like a child

I know how weird that sounds. But it’s true. Here’s the thing. I have a pretty decent vocabulary. I’m not Shakespeare or anything but I know I have the ability to convey my thoughts into words, you know what I mean? So when I’m looking for the best online writing services, I’m not looking for them out of inability to get the job done myself. I’m doing it because I work full-time in a factory and I’m taking six classes at a time. When I started browsing, I was immediately struck by how basic it all is. The FAQ section felt like it was written with a very young (or unintelligent) target audience in mind. Then I got to the order form and I didn’t feel like I had enough room to give the complete instructions needed for my high-level papers. If you’re like me and you’re juggling several big research papers per semester then you know how complicated they can be. In short, this site doesn’t seem built for higher education.

Customer service wasn’t awful, but they didn’t help the problem

Although the site’s user interface was cumbersome and overly basic, I was more than willing to reach out to the customer service representatives so that I could provide all the instructions my professor gave her class. This is the part in every essay service review that I think many of you are looking to read. If the people in charge of the operation can’t fix the issues we run into, we should take our business elsewhere. That’s kind of what this all boils down to. I want to share a little list I made of my experience with the rep, because I think this will explain it better.

  • At first I tried using the chat client. Unfortunately, there was some sort of technical error;
  • I switched to the phone, even though I prefer online chat. I was on hold for a long time…
  • When they finally picked up, the person was kind of rude when I explained the situation;
  • According to the rep, there should always be ample space for instructions. No matter what;
  • I explained that this is an admirable position but clearly it isn’t always the case. They sighed;
  • Finally, I lost a little patience and said I’m looking for the best writing services, bar none;
  • The rep only then decided to send me a custom order form so that I could write more details.

Thankfully, the writing itself was pretty good

Once this ordeal got sorted, I was assigned a writer and things went relatively smoothly. I was contacted once for further clarification, which honestly only makes me feel all the more convinced their site needs to allow for more space in its order field! But it’s no big deal, I guess. I know online writing services reviews typically focus on the actual paper output, so it may seem a little strange that I’m only giving this one paragraph. It’s just that with this company, I’d already had kind of a sour impression, so that’s what I focused on today. I can tell you that my paper, which was on emerging European empires in the 17th century, was technically flawless. Grounds for celebration, right? Unfortunately, it also lacked character. I’m looking at it right now, in fact, and it reads more like a tech manual than an interesting essay. If you’ve ever cracked open a history textbook and immediately fallen asleep, you’ll know what I mean.

Oh well. I guess I’ll be continuing my quest to find the best essay services on the market. In the meantime, I may try to write the best essay services reviews, too. Maybe I’ll even write a few of my assignments!

Jeremy, Ireland.

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