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Review of essaypro.comAlthough I study at a prestigious university, I am someone who struggles a lot with essay writing – especially with structuring my papers. However, my course involves a lot of essay and report writing. I know that I understand and know all of the course content, but my grades are very low (bordering on failing) due to my inability to write high quality pieces of work. For this reason, I decided to get help to write a recent report.

I looked at online essay service reviews to help me choose an essay writing company to use. It is worth noting that since I am a uni student, I don’t always have a lot of money available. I chose based on the previous reviews I found online. They seemed to be affordable, and people had been relatively happy with their service in the past. Most importantly for me, they had very good custom essay services reviews, and they seemed capable of writing pieces on almost any subject.

Why did I think that they would provide the best essay writing service?

There were a number of reasons why I chose this company to complete my work for me. I guess that the two most important ones were their affordability and their ability to deliver solid work on time. As a university student, I can’t afford an expensive service (and even if I could afford it, I wouldn’t necessarily want to spend a lot on getting my assignments completed: if I couldn’t get it done cheap, then I would definitely still be doing it myself). For me, the price is one of the most important things when deciding which essay writing service is the best.

They work using a very innovative and competitive system, which allows you to choose which writers do your work. When you submit your order, the system delivers it to all the relevant writers who are qualified to write it. They can then respond to your order query, detailing their price, turn-around time, and any other things which they think are relevant.

You are then able to access all of these proposals, allowing you to choose the writer who you think us most suited and most likely to be able to fulfil your needs. I especially liked this feature, as it allowed me to choose a cheap writer. I didn’t necessarily need the best or most knowledgeable person to do the job, especially since an average quality paper is still able to get quite a good grade in my uni course.

In a way, you are also able to choose what quality your work is going to be delivered at. You could choose the most expensive writer, hoping that they would be able to create a top-class piece with every bit of relevant information included. Alternatively, you could choose a cheaper writer, sacrificing a little on quality. However, the company claims that every writer employed by them is going to be able to write a decent piece as they will only employ good-quality writers.

Other things I was happy with:

Some of the other things which I was happy about when using this service include:

  • When I was searching for a company to use, they had very close to the best essay writing service review. This told me that almost everyone who has used them had been happy with their service;
  • They were quite responsive to any of my queries and questions. I was usually able to receive an answer within a few hours or less.
  • The writer who I chose to complete my piece did appear to have the relevant experience necessary, and didn’t seem to have too many gaps in their knowledge. They didn’t include incorrect information on the hope that I wouldn’t notice it;
  • I ended up getting a grade of 15/20 for my paper, which is significantly better than I have got previously when writing my own papers.
    There is a reason why they had a good college writing services review: because they deliver pretty good work;

The problems I had with

Although they were quite good and delivered decent quality work at affordable prices, I did have a few issues with this company. None of these were big enough to prevent me from using them again, but they are certainly worth mentioning, and I will bring them up with my writer next time I order a piece of work with them. The biggest problem I had was with the referencing of my essay. Some of the sources used were not great, and there were a few mistakes with the referencing style.

Final word:

Although this one is among “good” essay services reviews, certainly didn’t deliver flawless service. However, for the price I paid, they were good enough. I will be using them again, but will be making sure that I address the issues I had this time before ordering my next piece. Thank you very much for your good work.
Tim, Australia.

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