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Review of essaylab.orgIt pays to know great services when unavoidable circumstances happen in your life, and when I was unable to work on an assignment for my Literary Criticism course in university, I needed to find someone ready, willing, and able to write it in a few days. My grandfather who I was very close to passed away a week before I had to hand in a pretty huge assignment. Sure, I should have worked on it before (we had two months to work on it), but I’ve always been someone who worked better under pressure and I had other classes to focus on, which made the thing more difficult. I needed to find professional essay services, pronto, because the deadline was quickly creeping in and I had nothing.

This essay writing company really stepped up

I looked through tons of content at various websites for the best essay services. Review after review told me I should look at all essay sites, reviews, and ratings, that were quality over quantity, so I finally went with the company that seemed to have the most in-depth, positive reviews. That was

I had never used a service like this before, so when I contacted them I really didn’t know what to expect. I was talking to their customer service soon though so ultimately I guess I had pretty punctual and responsive service. I’m not sure if getting curt attitude was part of their customer service memo, but the rep I talked to seemed to want nothing to do with me. Maybe that’s just me and I’m being paranoid though. So I figured I’d just hang on and give them the info.

But unfortunately, they didn’t treat me all that great

Soon enough, I was matched up with a guy named Carl and we got to work on my assignment. I gave him all the information I had and he went incommunicado for two days. I guess he was working hard, but it was still weird not to hear back from my writer. I looked at some other writing services, review websites, and other sources and they were all talking about how much they talked with their writer, so I was definitely worried. I hated that he made me worried, but I guess I had no choice at that point. I mostly wanted the following from the service:

  • I needed to get the paper in on time, which wasn’t too far away;
  • I needed it to look like I wrote it, and provided Carl with a previous essay to show him my style;
  • I needed it to be error free and completely new material that wasn’t lifted from anywhere;
  • I needed, basically, the best essay writing service they could give.

It took Carl five days out of the five he got to work on it to deliver my essay to me. I was once again really worried after a few days, because Carl only contacted me once during the whole process. When I finally got the essay in my inbox, I noticed that the tone was all wrong, but the formatting, grammar, syntax – basically everything else (even the citations!) were fine. It doesn’t take much to ensure that essays don’t have errors, so I was really concerned that it sounded all wrong.

asked him if I could get a revision to modify the tone of the essay a bit. Within another day I got a second draft that sounded much more like I wrote the paper myself, and I was happy about it, but it still didn’t really help that I was on edge the entire time. I really thought that I was going to fail this assignment for the longest time. Luckily, the teacher would have no idea I did this.

A sketchy experience, but it worked out in the end

Turns out I was right – when I got back to class and handed in my paper, I had to stifle a laugh because the teacher had no idea. When I got it back a week later, I got a solid B on it and begrudgingly accepted it. I didn’t have much choice. My teacher had no idea that I outsourced an assignments and he even wrote things in the margin like, “I really like your phrasing here.” I’m glad the piece was to his liking, because I don’t know what I would have done otherwise.

When you’re out of options, you may as well

All in all, I’m going to leave this company an essay writing review that is somewhat positive, but tempered. I’ll probably use again, but I would really love it if they hired better customer support staff, or at least trained them to be a bit friendlier.

The essay was well-written, but I also wish that the writer communicated with me a bit more so we could hash out all the details together, and maybe have prevented needing it to be rewritten. All in all though, I got what I wanted and it more than paid off for me, so thanks! I’ll be using them again in the future.
Sandra, Ireland.

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